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Phone:+86 134 8608 1071

Tel:+86 570 3617404


About Company

Quzhou Sunyun is a top domestic export-oriented 

chemical company, and it is the sole agent of the main

calcium chloride manufacturers in China. The business

philosophy of the company is: product quality is the life

of the company,customer first, and make efforts to

provide customers with the best products and the

best quality service. 



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Calcium Chloride(Food Grade)

Product description

Product Specifications:


Safety & Handing:

Calcium Chloride is packaged in 25kg/1000kg PP Woven sacks with plastic liners,or as
per customer's request.
Store in a cool,dry,well ventilated pace.Keep container tightly closed and away from
incompatible materials.
Prolonged storage may cause product to cake and become wet from atmospheric moisture.



Package & Store:

Calcium chloride when in solution form is a strong salt solution.
Protective clothing.rubber gloves and eye protection are recommended.
Rubber safety boots should also be worn in work areas.
since calcium chloride can damage leather.
This product should be handled in areas with proper ventilaftion.
Before using this product,refer to the MSDS for complete safety and handling guidelines.
For proper disposal guidelines for calcium chloride wastes,consult the
appropriate local regulatory authorities.


Calcium Chloride(Food Grade) is used in various applications within the Food,
Beverage,potable Water and Animal Feed industries etc.
1.In the production of beer and solf drinks,CaCl2 is used as a source of calcium to regulate
the hardness of water.
2.In enzyme production,the calcium ion acts as a co-factor in some products.
3.In the production of cheese ,is used as a source of calcium.
4.CaCl2 is also used to increase the firmness of canned fruits and pickeled vegetables.
5.CaCl2 is also used as a secondary cooling agent in various processes that operate
according to food regulations.
6.CaCl2 is also used in the remineralisation of desalinated water,as a source of calcium and






Products: Calcium Chloride(Food Grade)

Cas No: 10043-52-4

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